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Commercial Design has its own specific set of parameters: fire code regulations, product durability concerns, aesthetic flexibility based on changeable events, local code requirements, to name just a few. We work seamlessly with the client and all involved trades to ensure that code compliance is strictly adhered to, all the while ensuring an exceptional result with close attention to execution and post install followup.


Every residential client comes to the table with their own vision, often incomplete and partially  formed for how they want their home to look,  feel and live. The great pleasure of my work as a designer is to help

  my clients fully form and realize            these dreams. Whatever your 

aesthetic sense may be: traditional, transitional, coastal, contemporary or rustic I have the knowledge, resources and experience to implement your style creating an interior, never trendy, always classic, to be lived in and shared with family and friends for many years to come.


Kitchen design requires different considerations than any other room in the home. Besides the obvious considerations of spacial planning, traffic flow and family usage there is the all important requirement of being fully functional and utilizing every bit of space to its optimum. Kitchens need to feel current yet classic enough stylistically to last for many years, possibly decades. This style needs to reflect the basic architecture of the home as well as the individual tastes of the client. 


A beautifully set table is an opportunity for each of us to truly express our individuality and enthusiasm for an event, grand or humble, to share with those that we love. Each aesthetic choice: pottery or porcelain, flatware or chopsticks, cultivated flowers or collected wildflowers tells a story to share in celebration creating a cherished memory of life well lived. Ultimately the table simply becomes a foil for the food and drink, laughter, stories and experiences to share. Let me help you to make it special, make it beautiful, make it memorable.

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